• If an accident happens, having the right amount of insurance can benefit you personally, financially, and even legally. With Liability Coverage, you can be insured if your responsible for a automobile accident by having any medical payments for injuries sustained to any drivers, passengers, and/or pedestrians, as well as for the costs of any property damaged. If you become "legally liable" as a result of an accident, Liability Coverage help to pay for Legal Defense Costs if you are sued. 


  • An auto policy already gives you peace of mind behind the wheel of your automobile. But, more than just an accident can happen, and with the right auto coverage policy, you can make sure that the security of your automobile does not stop at the moment you pull into the garage. Comprehensive Coverage insures your vehicle and equipment against damage and expenses that result from something other than a collision, such as: Theft, Vandalism, Glass Breakage, Fire Damage, Hail, Water, Flood, Animal Strike and Damage from Falling Objects.


  • For most drivers, their automobile is more than just a means of transportation, it is a significant investment of hard earned capital. So, if you are involved in an accident, you want to ensure that your investment is protected. With Collision Coverage you can have damage to your car insured under your auto policy - whether the damage is a result of an accident with another vehicle or with an object (light pole, pot hole, guard rail, etc.). 


  • Since automobile accidents can involve more than just damage to your automobile, and can very easily include physical damage to the driver and any passengers. The Personal Injury Protection Coverage helps pay for the treatment of you and any of your passengers should someone get injured as a passenger or a pedestrian. Personal Injury Protection extends to cover expenses beyond just medical bills, they may be used to cover lost wages, and in come cases, even funeral costs. 


  • As a automobile driver, safety is probably one of your top concerns, as well as the safety of your passengers and other drivers on the road. Our carries reward responsible "accident free" and "violation free" drivers with Diminishing Deductibles. When you sign up for a Diminishing Deductible, you may also be eligible to receive an immediate credit on your deductible. From there, safe driving over time can yield additional deductible benefits up to your selected carrier's maximum limit. 


  • Today's roads are filled with collectible and custom-built automobiles. One of our specialties is providing coverage for today's automobiles that may be classified as: Collectibles, Antiques, Hot Rods, Custom-Built, For Show, and even Race Cars. 


  • Everyone knows, the longer you drive, the odds of being in an automobile accident increases. With many of the Steve Muehler - Insurance Automobile Insurance Policies, we can forgive your first chargeable accident through "Accident Forgiveness." Under Accident Forgiveness, if you are involved in an accident, your rates will not increase, even if the accident is your fault. This applies only one time per policy, and once it is used, can re-enroll in the program after three years. 


  • Flat Tires, Engine Stalls, and Electrical Problems are just some of the issues many drivers face on today's roads. Steve Muehler - Insurance is proud to offer "Roadside Assistance" coverage with our "Sign & Drive" services: Our Basic "Roadside Assistance" Package includes towing up to fifteen miles, fuel delivery, jump starts, flat tires, and membership discounts. 

Why all of our Insurance Applications are reviewed by our Firm prior to issuing a CUSTOM INUSURANCE QUOTE to you! 

  • Misunderstanding: The first reason buying insurance online can be dangerous is because the "online quotes" and the "policies" can be misunderstood and there are few chances to have those misunderstandings explained to you be an industry expert prior to purchasing the insurance policy. 

  • Custom Quotes and Policies are more difficult to set up: Every individual, family, and business is different, and the insurance needs are always different. An online quote and policy purchase is not necessarily able to create a custom policy around those needs of your family or business. This means you will most likely get a general policy that is good for the average person, but not necessarily what is best for you. Odds are, with a Custom Quote, you can "get more for less."

  • Not assigned an individual agent to handle coverage: After buying insurance online you may feel covered and protected. Having one client assigned to you for every potential claim you have to file is a big advantage that you may be missing out on when buying insurance online. An individual who knows your entire history from purchase to claim will be able to fight for you better than someone who was randomly assigned for that one claim after buying online.

  • Adjusting your policy: As business and families grow and change, your insurance policy should change with it to make sure everything, and more importantly, everyone is covered. If buying insurance online, you will rarely speak to the same agent twice and will lose that initial time savings by needing to explain the changing circumstances around your family or business' insurance needs.  

  • Lack location specific assistance: Online quotes and purchasing sites give you the ability to see a standard policy for your area. However, what it doesn't take into account is the individual needs for your exact location and your family and business needs based on that information. 


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